Authentic Movies has been formed by UK based film maker Howard Stean to create original movies for cinema.

The feasibility of his concept was methodically proved with a series of three experimental films shown at the Cinema Museum London between 2015-2017

Compelling visual imagery together with an emphasis on carefully crafted musical scores underscore the power of his preferred medium:  16mm celluloid.

SUGAR, the fourth film, was completed in Spring 2018. This award winning film was Premiered in Leicester Square and also screened in Cannes attracting favourable reviews. Ulrich Gregor, the film critic and co-founder of the Berlin Film Festival, wrote SUGAR to be Truly original and very well crafted. I liked it very much indeed. 

SUGAR has been broadcast on UK. TV in 2021

Authentic Movies is following an ambitious trajectory with the feature film ‘ODESA’.   The combined talents of seasoned professionals, including Philipp Engelmann, former writer-in residence Basel, Switzerland, in harmony with younger and motivated team, make Howard Stean’s vision achievable.

ODESA will be Howard’s first feature length film, set in Odessa in the stifling era of the Soviet controlled 1960’s.